Its All Over

And at last my life as an engineering  student is over. Even though I haven’t enjoyed much from the last 4 years, it wasn’t such a bad period. It gave me a bunch of good friends and lots of fun filled days along them. I have experience the worst situations I ever met in my life, also learned to face those situations without stepping back. Thanks to those problems.

I had gone through a well organized Syllabus prepared by the MG university for Computer Science Engineering for the last 4 years, but in the aspect to computer field I haven’t gained anything from those syllabus. Don’t know whom to blame? Myself or the Syllabus or those who guided us to go through those syllabus. I can’t avoid specifying the drawbacks of the current syllabus of MG university. First year we don’t even have a single computer related subject. And the very interesting thing is we learn to unscrew a CPU and get familiar with the components of a CPU in the final year only. If we ignore a very few lines from the syllabus, we can become a Computer Science Engineering Degree from MG university even without seeing a computer. Its really sad, and I too had to be a part of that.

Why should I waste my time thinking of the past. It’s all over. Now the focus is on the FUTURE. Lots of dreams and hopes, lots of questions, lots of decision to be taken, but there is only one me to do all these. Yeah I have to do this. Nothing is impossible but I have to make is possible. Lets do it.