Whats Left for A Developer? The Reason Why I Resigned.

Have you ever seen a movie with only having producers name on the credits list? Thats because movies are not yet made by outsourcing.

I have been working in an IT firm for last few months. Infact that was my first job in my career. I was working as a developer there.  Its been nice to have a designation like that. I used to write scraps of code. I used to develop useless stuffs. But I enjoy doing that, I have a self satisfaction that those are developed by me.

But when it came to professionalism things seems to be different. My company was an outsourcing company which will provide resources(I am not talking about some hardware or software, the term resources means us, The Software Engineers) to various other companies. They wants us to write chunks of codes for them. Some times for them, sometimes for their clients, doesn’t matter to us.

Yes those guys(we call them the clients, from the company’s point of view The GOD) pay for our work. That is why they own the product we are developing. But I am wondering why we have no right to sign the product as we are the Author of that work.

An artist who draws will sign his work no matter for whom he draws. The product belongs to who pays but that doesn’t mean he created it. The creator should have the right leave the sign on his creation. I see this right everywhere else other than in IT outsourcing.

I don’t want to work for such clients who wants the credit of developing the code too for his some $$. The owner will have the right to market the product and sell it. But he doesn’t have the  right to strike of the sign of the developer from the product. Only Indian outsourcing companies agrees to such nasty demands as they care for  the GODs rather than its own employees.