Air India Express Crash Took 160 Souls And Their Dreams

22nd May 2010, another day in the history which grabbed 160 lives and their thousands of dreams. Today morning when I switched on my TV I never thought death of 160 will be welcoming me. Sad, really sad, what else I could say?

While I was surfing through various news site one of my friend’s tweet popped  “Looking at @netizentwo‘s tweets… Did not know her, but feels strange to know that there won’t be another update from her.” I was wondering why my friend tweeted like this. I too checked out her twitter page. and I realized from her last tweet that she was also in that plane, in her last journey. Her last tweet was “At the airport and blah =_= Only thing to look forward to is the rain.” Her name was Harshini Poonja. Did she ever thought even in her fantasies that this will be her flight to heaven? My friends tweet swung in my mind “there won’t be another update from her.” A teenager just like me, with the dreams of her future now rest in the hands of the Almighty.

I don’t know why I wrote this post, but something in me made me. That may be one among the many undefined facts.